Formatting Materials

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Here’s what we will need from you to format your manuscript for submission. Once you place your order, we’ll send this list to you via email.

Please attach either one file with everything, separated by page breaks for each section/chapter, or one file for each – whatever’s easier:

1. Completed manuscript in Word.*
2. Cover, at least 2560 x 3840 or larger if possible
3. Foreword (if desired)
4. Afterword (if desired)
5. About the Author
6. Acknowledgements (if desired)
7. Other available books with links (if desired)
8. Excerpt and link for additional book (if desired)
9. Any other sections you want to include

*IMPORTANT: Your Word file MUST have Chapter Headers, and page breaks between each chapter and section to import properly. Please to NOT tab indent your paragraphs, and do NOT put an extra break between paragraphs. Files that do not follow this format will be returned for correction.

Other Info:

1. Title:
2. Subtitle (if desired):
3. Author Name:
4. ISBN for eBook (if you have one):
5. Publisher Name (if any):
6. Publisher Logo (square – if desired)
7. Dedication (if desired) – 1-2 paragraphs is ideal
8. Do you want a small graphic at the start of each chapter? If so, let me know what you want.