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We run a number of websites for the queer reading and writing community – Other Worlds Ink, Queer Sci Fi, QueeRomance Ink, and J. Scott Coatsworth (Scott’s writer site). In addition to blog tours and cover reveals, we offer a variety of other promotional opportunities on these sites:

New Release Reviews and Announcements

Cost: Free
Queer Romance or Queer Spec Fic, New/Recent Release
Sites: QRI, QSF

Got a new(ish) queer romance or speculative fiction (sci fi, fantasy, paranormal, or horror) book and want to get some more exposure? Submit it to us and if it’s spec fic, we’ll do a free Queer Sci Fi announcement in our newsletter and on social media. For queer spec fic or queer romance books, we’ll put it on our reviewer list and see if anyone picks it up for review. You do NOT need to be a member of either site to use this service. It’s free – sign up here:


Facebook Author Takeovers

Cost: Free
Requirements: Must be a current QRI member
Sites: QRI

We offer weekly author takeovers on Saturdays on the QueeRomance Ink Facebook Group – these are open to currently listed QRI author members only, and are free. Other days available by request. If interested, sign up here:


Author Spotlights:

Cost: Free
Must be a spec fic author (any kind)
Sites: JSC

Scott does a weekly author interview feature on his blog for spec fic (sci fi, fantasy, paranormal, or horror) book authors. If you write spec fic, you can sign up for one of these, and for this one you do not need to write queer fiction. Sign up here and we’ll send you the questions packet – and you can promote your latest book too!


Giveaway Packs:

Cost: Free
Requirements: Queer Romance books (QRI); Queer spec fic (QSF)
Sites: QRI, QSF

Every month, we give away a pack of four books to everyone who signs up for the Queer Sci Fi or QueeRomance Ink mailing list (or who is already on it and requests them). We also ask these readers to consider becoming a part of the author mailing lists for those for titles, and about 95% say yes. Once the month is over, we send out the eBooks (anywhere from 100-400 copies) and then send the emails for those readers to our authors.

Wanna try it? Just pick an open month here for QRI and/or QSF, and add your book. if there are no open slots, add your book to the “Future Packs” section (about halfway down the page) and we’ll schedule it when we have space:



Banner Ads:

Cost: $20 Per Ad
Queer romance books (QRI); Queer spec fic (QSF)
Sites: QRI, QSF

We offer banner advertising on both QueeRomance Ink and Queer Sci Fi – both on the site and in the newsletters.

The Options:

Each week we have five options ($20 ea, all 740 w x 140 h):

QueeRomance Ink Sales Saturday – this is our weekly list of books on the site that re on sale, and goes to about 1700 subscribers (1200 readers, 500 authors) – your banner ad book does not NEED to be on sale, but it doesn’t hurt. This is a one-time email.

QueeRomance Ink Home Page – this appears on the QRI home page in the body above the rest of the content for the week.

QueeRomance Ink Newsletter – basically the same as the Sales Sat ad, but in our regular newsletter, same subscribers.

If the book is speculative fiction (sci fi, fantasy, paranormal or horror) you can advertise it on Queer Sci Fi too:

Queer Sci Fi Home Page + – appears on most of the pages on the site for a week. This is a one-time email.

Queer Sci Fi Newsletter – Our daily newsletter – your banner appears for seven days, and this list has about 1400+ readers.

We also offer co-op ads on QSF and QRI – basically 20 authors per site share an ad space for $40 each a year, and can have one book cover there at a time in rotation. These are not available very often – contact scott at [email protected] if interested, and we can put you on the waitlist if there are no free spots.

What’s Available/Payment:

You can see what’s available here and grab a spot (or three):


Then pay for them here:


Creating the Ad:

You can make the ad, if you want, or we can create one for you for free. Just provide the cover, any related graphics you have, a tagline if you want it, and the link that you want the banner ad to point to.

Become a QSF or QRI Blogger:

Cost: Free
Write about Queer romance or queer spec fic
Sites: QRI/QSF

QRI and QSF both have blogs, and always we’re looking for few more authors who want to blog about queer romance or queer speculative fiction. We’re not looking for promo posts, but we are looking for discussions about love and science and magic and writing in the queer community, which can certainly include mentions of your books – contact scott at [email protected] if interested.

Blog Tours:

Cost: $75-200
Queer romance books or queer spec fic
Sites: OWI

And of course we do blog tours and cover reveals. For more info on these, visit the Blog Tour section on this site.

Any questions? email us at [email protected].