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We also offer manuscript formatting and cover wrap design, and have done almost two-hundred formatting jobs and over a hundred print wraps.

Formatting – $85


Need some help prepping your story for upload to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc? Send us your manuscript, answer a few questions, and we’ll create your book in all the formats you need (eBook and print). We use an app called Vellum for the Mac that creates professional, beautiful books.


We’ve done hundreds of these, and would love to help you make your next book beautiful too. Here’s what we will need from you to format your manuscript for submission:

Please attach one Word file* with all of your text sections in the order you wish them to appear, separated by page breaks for each chapter. In addition to the story/manuscript itself. you may want to include:

  • Copyright Page
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgements
  • Dedication
  • List of Primary Characters
  • Manuscript (including, if applicable, prologue and epilogue)
  • Afterword
  • About the Author
  • Also By
  • Excerpt for Next in Series or Related Book
  • Any additional desired sections

You graphics (cover, publisher logo, etc) should be sent to separately as .jpg files, including the cover (at least 2560 x 3840 or larger, if possible)

*IMPORTANT: Your Word file MUST have Chapter Headers, and page breaks between each chapter and section to import properly. Please do NOT put an extra break between paragraphs. Files that do not follow this format may be returned for correction.

The price includes all corrections and changes as needed, now and after the fact.

Cover Wraps – $85

We can also help you create a “print wrap” – a print edition cover for Amazon from an existing eBook cover. Basically we ask you for the book trim size, number of pages, and type of paper (white or cream), and then download a cover template from the Amazon Website. We load in your eBook cover, and then find an image to fill out the rest of the cover. A few examples of our work:

The price includes all corrections and changes as needed.

Custom Cover Design

We can also do custom cover design. Contact us at for more information.

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Kudos for Other Worlds Ink’s Formatting

“My experience with OWI has been fantastic! To date I have worked with them on formatting seven books and a print warp (that I freaking adore) with more projects in the wings that I’ll be sending to them, including two more print wraps. They have been quick, patient (when I even frustrated myself), thoughtful, and accommodating. OWI has been so easy to work with. I highly recommend them!” –Lexi Ander

“Working with “Other Worlds Ink” is a dream – Scott was able to translate my vision into a beautiful anthology edition, including formatting the cover for the paperback. Diligent, flexible and so so patient as I tore my hair out with indecision, until I let him guide me through to a fantastic conclusion. Can’t recommend OWI enough!” –LE Franks–harried, last minute author

“To date Scott and his team at OWI have formatted three books for me, two novels and one collection of short stories, and I must shout from the rafters they are the BEST! My two novels already had cover art and Scott got my art into the correct size, shape, and pixels that Amazon wanted; for the collection he assisted me in creating a great cover, but that’s just the beginning. Sure, I could spend a thousand dollars on a MAC, hundreds more to buy Velum and then I could format for Kindle and other e-book readers and create great looking print pages, but that would cost so much more than it is worth since my laptop and all my software are PC, Google, and Windows, etc. The fee OWI charges is more than reasonable and no one in the world provides better, more personalized service. When I found errors in my manuscript, he quickly made the corrections and sent me new copies to upload. When Amazon complained that my print manuscript didn’t fit their specifications, Scott tried every fix until something worked. I tell you the truth, you will not find better service or anyone who provides more professional looking copy than OWI, and certainly not at their low price.” –Melodie Romeo

“I recently commissioned Other Worlds Ink to format a document for me, and I was very impressed both with the quality of the proof files I received, but also by their availability and willingness to answer questions and help me navigate the order so that the finished product was the very best that it could possibly be. Professional grade formatting is a must for any publication, be it in a corporate setting, fiction publication, newsletters, promotional materials, or anything in between. I cannot recommend Other Worlds Ink and their services enough!” –Sarah Doebereiner

Some of Our Formatting Clients

Here are some of the books we’ve formatted:

Merchants of Milan formating Empath formatting
Summer of Hush  Love in the Springtime
 The Stark Divide