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Here’s what some of our past clients have said about our blog tours:

“As soon as the third book in my trilogy was about to publish, I had an autoimmune flare that knocked me flat. I was too drained to do any of the marketing I would normally do. Luckily, I had signed up about two months prior for an OWI promotion package. I had never used them before and was blown away by their experience and by how much they helped me. I had never written author interviews or articles or anything. Mark guided me through the process and signed up lots of blogs. When launch day arrived and I was passed out in bed, all of the things I had already set in motion with OWI promoted my book for me. It was the best launch I’ve had! I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t hired these guys to promote my book. I will definitely use them for my next book launch and highly recommend them!” –Sionnach Wintergreen

“Where to begin, because thank you doesn’t seem to cover it? If you haven’t checked out the blog tour services of Other Worlds Ink yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Consider this your invitation to connect with readers beyond your own FaceBook crew or groups. I’ve been a published author for three years now and this was my first book blog tour. Mark and Scott were great about answering all my newbie questions and I asked a lot of them. Other Worlds Ink provides an amazing service, which besides promoting my book also grew my page likes on FaceBook, my newsletter’s mailing list, and my following on Twitter. Take the plunge and get your book out into the hands of people beyond your circle of friends. I’ll be back for my next book.” –Kethric Wilcox

“Choosing Other Worlds Ink for my blog tour when I released Whirlwind was probably the best decision I’ve made in my career as an author. The storytelling part of being an author is fun for me, but it’s only part of the job. We have to make people aware that the story is out there, and as a super-introvert that’s emphatically not my strong suit.

Scott and Marco organized a fantastic blog tour for me. They took on a task that frankly terrified me and made it seem manageable. They never made me feel like anything was out of my control, but I always felt like I was in competent and skilled hands. It’s too early to tell how the blog tour affected my sales numbers, but I can say my book’s sales rank on Amazon has been much more stable than other books that released at a similar time of year and I credit Other Worlds Ink with helping me to get the publicity I needed to make that happen. ” –J.V. Speyer

“Thank you so much to the pair of you for all your wonderful hard work.  The additional email addresses is a real bonus for me and after checking the sales of PPK in comparison to the others on my backlist I probably sold about fifty more copies than I would have expected during the blog tour time frame and I can put that down to the hard work you did with the tour. I am really, really impressed. The results for me were far better than any other tour I’ve done in the past.” –Lisa Oliver

“I hired Scott and Mark for a nearly impossible job-to promote a paperback compilation of four books that had been previously published and reviewed. I didn’t expect much since the promotion group I’d used for those books had done a pretty comprehensive job. However, Scott and Mark surprised me. Not only did they get reviews for the compilation but I sold copies of the paperback. Would I recommend them to other authors? Absolutely! Since they could get interest and coverage for books that have been previously promoted, I can’t wait to see what they can do when my new books come out.” –Pat Henshaw

“…both books went back into the bestsellers top 5 at Pride Publishing for a week, which is unusual for older releases.” –LM Somerton

“I loved what Scott & Mark at OWI did for my cover reveal for the relaunch of “6 Days to Get Lucky” – they were proactive and creative, and followed up with me promptly whenever there were changes or questions. I owe all my lovely pre-orders to the work they did!” –LE Franks

“Working with Scott & Mark at OtherWorlds Ink was a blast. They gave our Ebook novel, Upon Broken Wings, a huge bump in sales, gave our book attention all over the net, and helped us to acquire several reviews as well. We recommend you check them out. We’ll be using them for our next novel/s as well!” –E. L. Reedy & A. M. Wade

“I’m so pleased with the blog tour OWI recently arranged for me! The tour had lots of great stops. Most importantly, OWI arranged everything seamlessly, saving me work and a lot of precious time. Communication was clear and frequent, and OWI made sure to publicize all the stops too. I especially liked the spreadsheet that was kept updated with all the tour stops. OWI even made the Rafflecopter giveaway easy. A wonderfully positive experience all around!” –Kim Fielding

“Scott and Mark are incredible to work with, I highly recommend them. The blog tour they put together for my newest release was amazing and came with all the bells and whistles. Together they got the word out about my book, scheduling the tour and actively keeping me updated about who was signing up and then letting me know each day with links. They were very patient and understanding when I had a date change they made sure all the bloggers knew about it. Thank you so much for helping to make the release of Unforgivable successful!” –Elle Keaton

“I had a great tour with Other Worlds Ink. It started with expert advice and support, good ideas for the unique content I needed to write, and all of my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. My book, ‘The Stoker Connection’ appeared on 18 different blogs, five of them bringing their own reviews, and there were daily updates on various Facebook pages bringing the book to the attention of so many more readers than I would have found on my own. So, not only did I receive a first-class service from guys who clearly know what they are doing, I received a shed load more hits and likes, shares and sales than I would have done had I not invested a little money in a huge service. Will I use them again? You bet’ya.” –Jackson Marsh

“Thank you for a great blog tour. I’ve done a couple before for other books but they weren’t half as professionally run as this one. I’ll be back when I’ve written another book!” –Jayne Lockwood

“I was really impressed with the series promo. My books got a ton of exposure across a wide range of blogs, many of which I would never have considered approaching myself. Everyone involved was easy to work with and I’m very pleased with the results. The cost was very competitive, especially for how much exposure the series received. I will definitely use this service again!” –J.S. Fields

“FANTASTIC!!! That’s the only word to describe my Other Worlds Ink blog tour. My first blog tour was for my series and the second, for my newest release and I plan to do more of them with Mark and J. Scott, two of the sweetest men I know. Having never done one before, I approached my first blog tour with some trepidation– something I had to do to promote my book. However, right from the beginning, Mark soothed my nerves by promptly answering my many questions and helped me figure out what to submit for my guest posts. The process was smooth and made it really easy for me. I’m now a believer in how important blog tours are in the marketing of my books and am especially impressed with how simple Other Worlds Ink makes it for authors. They increased my book sales, my name exposure, and newsletter subscribers, proving to me that the OWI blog tours can really deliver.” –Mary Rundle

“It’s been wonderful working with you. Thanks again for being so on the ball with everything — the spreadsheet has been a great help to keep up with what’s happening. The whole experience has been awesome, professional, and excellent on the timing. Definitely worth coming back for in the future. :)” –Archer Kay Leah

“Scott and Mark at OWI are two of the most patient and helpful people I know. The whole process of arranging a blog tour can be daunting for so many authors, but Mark and Scott help you every step of the way – Practical things like guest post and interview suggestions, keeping you updated, and providing prompt assistance any time a question is asked (and I always have some no matter how many times I do this, lol). But it is the intangible things they do that make the process so much easier as well – little email reminders for authors like me who tend to forget a deadline until the last minute – working in with me and my publication schedule – and basically being two of the nicest guys on the planet. No question is too silly, and the super fast replies really help too. I can’t praise these two, or their services enough – they get results. A huge thank you.” –Lisa Oliver

“Putting my book in Other Worlds Ink’s hands was a great decision. They put together a fantastic tour for me. The best part was they were so kind and easy to work with. It took away a lot of the release day stress.” –Jana Denardo

“Honestly, I think you guys did a GREAT job! I love how Mark tagged me on all the thank you posts and included the links so I could leave my own responses to both the hosts and anyone who had commented on the blog itself. The tour generated activity on my Facebook author page with a bunch of new likes and additions to my mailing list. I am very impressed with the response the tour received. I was very nervous that Night Kiss wouldn’t receive much response but this tour proved otherwise. I’m so glad OtherWorldsInk was booked to handle this. I never would have contemplated such a thing on my own! I’m such a promotional noobie! Thank you SO much! And you can quote me on that!” –E.T. Malinowski

“This was the second time I have used OWI and, as before, I was more than happy with the service, price and results.

Opting for the two-week tour is a good idea as it gives time to build momentum. In the case of ‘Deviant Desire’, the tour started a week or two after the release. As new titles always do well to start with and then slow down after a week or so, it was good to see the sales pumping up during their natural, post-launch decline. My graph shot up again, and the sales and reads (it’s on KU) stayed high. Now the tour has finished, they are staying in the higher than usual range. I also released part two of the series towards the end of the tour and, in a way, got a double benefit as those sales have also done better than I would normally expect.

What can I say? An excellent service, organised, professional, not costly, and definitely effective. Constant email communication from the team, all my niggly questions answered without fuss, help and experienced advice on hand, and a new set of readers interested in joining my newsletter mailing list too.

I don’t want to show off with the number of sales because, thanks to this blog tour, I don’t want anyone to feel jealous, but let’s just say the book shot up the charts enough for word to spread, and it’s continuing to do well.

I heartily recommend using OWI blog tours. One of the extra benefits (which means some extra work from the author but is well worth the effort) was writing the unique content posts as required. They give you a chance to talk directly to potential readers in ways you wouldn’t normally do, and give you some time to think about other aspects of your book that you might not have thought of, like asking characters questions and examining in details what the book is about. They help bring clarity while the tour helps bring income.

Will I use OWI again? For sure.” –Jackson Marsh

“Thank you both for your hard work on the blog tour! You make it so much easier.” –Angel Martinez

“Goddess bless Other Worlds Ink! I hate promoting myself (heck, some days I’m not even thrilled about writing). They were infinitely patient and helpful. And the small investment paid for itself quickly. I look forward to working with them again!” –Ardy Kelly

“Working with Mark and Scott was an absolute pleasure. They’re friendly, professional, and made a process I’ve always found an ordeal easy. I was able to make a direct correlation between tour stops and book sales, and will definitely be using Other Worlds Ink again.” –Louisa Masters

“This is the second time I have used Other Worlds Ink and I guarantee there will be a third. The first was for my bestseller “Leopold” and I am certain that the blog hop OWI set up is the reason for its exposure and subsequent success. The second time using their services was for a series blog tour for my “The Stones of Power” series, and both times they were courteous, helpful, and communicative. I have little experience with blog hops and promoting myself and my books, and they took my uncertainties away by guiding me through the process with helpful suggestions and enthusiasm for the work. I never felt left in the dark or as if I was fending for myself. For a reasonable price you get an amazing service with helpful folks that want you to succeed as much as you do. They do all the work in connecting with bloggers and all I had to do was write the posts and submit the needed materials. And after using them for a single book as well as a series tour, I know they can handle anything I throw at them.” –M.D. Grimm

“For each of my books launches I’ve tried a different blog tour organizers and Marco and Scott of Other Worlds Ink have, by far, gotten me to the most bang for the buck. I don’t know where this will play out in sales, but I’ve seen more traffic on my Twitter account and my FB Fan Page. I’ve also seen steady movement on my Amazon Author Account. I used OWI for both my cover reveal and a fourteen day blog tour (my official book launch) and I couldn’t be more pleased. They made the process easy and I didn’t feel like just a client, they cared about making my experience the best possible. Definitely worth every penny.” –M.D. Neu


“I am really glad I chose to go through Other Worlds Ink for my blog tour. I was overwhelmed with how many people shared the posts and links on social media; I could hardly keep up with my notifications! Everything was easy, too, from the thorough intake forms to wrapping up the process at the end. I felt as if we had really great communication. The cost is very reasonable, given how much comes with that and especially compared to other similar tours I’ve done in the past. I would absolutely recommend OWI to authors wanting to get the word out about a new book.” –AM Leibowitz

“I’ve run a couple of tours with OWI now, and they’re always a blast. Mark and Scott make it really easy to get things rolling, and the tours always seem to fill up really quickly. When it comes to getting your books in front of plenty of potential readers with a shared interest in LGBTQ literature, that’s so important. For the sheer amount of stops you get, and how well managed they are, I absolutely recommend working with them!” –Matt Doyle

“OWI put me in touch with bloggers, reviewers, and readers I wouldn’t have reached on my own and helped me launch my brand in a way I failed to do with my first release. They also did a fantastic job walking this newbie through the blog tour process. Highly recommend.” –Edie Montreux

“My blog tour with OWI recently came to an end and I was thoroughly satisfied. This was my first blog tour and I knew nothing about the process whatsoever; Mark graciously walked me through it step by step. I received all the information I needed to prepare well in advance so nothing had to be last minute. Communication was great! My emails and queries was always answered promptly and courteously. The team created great graphics and the tour ran smoothly with many bloggers featuring my new book. Also, the price they charge is very competitive, less than other blog tours I investigated. If you are new to this process, have no clue what to do, and want to gain exposure for your book, I would strongly recommend OWI.” –Melodie Romeo

“Having a Blog Tour organized by Other Worlds Ink (OWI) was far more than I could have expected and an awesome experience. The response to the tour was stupendous and more than anticipated. Both Mark and Scott were quick to reply to emails and answer any questions, no matter how small, I had. They were easy to talk to and always professional. I couldn’t have asked for more.” –Genevive Chamblee

“I want to give a big THANK YOU to Scott and Mark for putting together the blog tour for Feral Creatures. It being my first book and first tour, I had no idea what to expect and was very nervous. Scott and Mark held my hand through the entire process, promptly answering any questions I had and addressed any concerns of mine. The tour gave me and my novel great exposure and I did see an increase in sales and web traffic. I will definitely be using their services again.” –Timmy Ousslander

“Working with Scott and Mark on my blog tour was a great experience. They were extremely professional, helpful, and patient. The two week tour was filled with blog stops and there was a constant stream of social media going out. I definitely recommend Other Worlds Ink and will plan on working with them again for future book tours.” –E.M. Hamill

“Five Stars! I just finished my first virtual book tour with Other Worlds Ink, and I am more than satisfied with the amount of bookings and professional reviews obtained for the tour. Mark and Scott were enjoyable to work with, and walked me through building the tour, ensuring I was comfortable and knowledgeable every step of the way. I will definitely use them for my next release!” –Bryan T. Clark

“Other Worlds Ink did a great job with my blog tour! I appreciated all the effort they put into making the tour run smoothly.” –A.D. Ellis

“We’ve done two Release Blasts with OWI by now, and each time they were utterly professional, concise and helpful. It’s a service well worth the investment, and we will definitely use them again in the future.” –Berryl & Osiris Brackhaus

“Scott and Mark were very easy to work with and handled all the hard parts of setting up a blog tour. All I had to do was supply content and watch the new followers and book sales. I’ll definitely be working with them for future advertisements!” –William Tracy

“I have just completed my second blog tour with Mark and Scott of Other Worlds Ink, and I am just as pleased, if not more so, with the second. Other Worlds Ink did an amazing job, again. These guys are professional, and at the same time, personable, congenial, and so very helpful. I am a blog tour neophyte, and they took very good care of me every step of the way–from the initial contact to winding up the tour and making sure I got the info I needed to for the raffle winner. These guys are excellent and did a great job. I recommend them without reservation for those seeking to go a blog tour. You will NOT be disappointed.” –Warren Rochelle

“Thanks so much to Mark and Scott for working to develop a custom launch tour for my new release Tiny Planet Filled With Liars. The visibility was great, even considering my story genre is a bit outside the usual wheelhouse for their bloggers. It was a perfectly timed shot in the publicity arm during those early weeks when I had few other ways to get my book in front of readers. I eventually ended up using the angle I’d settled on for guest blog posts while writing bonus content for the book itself, and the extensive list of email opt-ins from the giveaway has already yielded great onboarding-campaign metrics, so the tour continued paying dividends even after it was over!” –Stephen M.A.

“I engaged Other Worlds Ink Blog Tours as part of the launch for my latest menopausal werewolf novel, BLOOD MOON. This book has more f/f romance content in it than the previous volume and I’m hoping to tap into a broader paranormal romance audience for it. I found Scott and Mark to be very well-organized and thorough. I knew what I expected to provide and when, as well as which bloggers had agreed to host the tour for my book – I really appreciated the structure and transparency! It’s early days yet, but I have seen lift for the previous book in the series as well as this one. Thanks for working with me on this! I would recommend your services to any other writers or publishers looking for a blog tour to get their latest titles launched.” –Catherine Lundoff