Fix the World (2020)

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We have one open call at the moment:

Fix the World

Open for Submissions: December 1st 2019 – April 30th, 2020
Story Length: 5-15K
Genre: Sci Fi
Characters: All welcomed. Diversity (race, sexuality, gender, ability) welcomed
Payment: One-time flat fee – $75 for 5-10K words; $100 for 10-15K

The world is a mess right now, as we seem to be rushing toward catastrophic climate change. There are new stories every day about melting glaciers, immense fires and terrifying storms, and they tell us it will only get worse.

We need a little hope.

For “Fix the World,” we’re looking for short stories with a focus on climate change solutions. How do we get out of this mess?

Stories should be science fiction with a hopeful tone. The plot should be either driven by the proposed solution or have that solution as a strong background to the main plot. Stories do not need to be hard sci fi, but the chosen solution should be plausible given what we know about science and the Earth’s climate today.


  • Scandinavian countries embark on a tree-planting crusade. One man in Brazil is inspired, and finds a way to build the popular will for the restoration of the Amazon
  • A scientist invents a low cost way to create a machine or organism that sucks carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. But there’s a problem. How do you stop it when the job is done?
  • An alien race arrives with technology to solve the problem. But they won’t give it to us until we prove we have matured.

What We Don’t Want

We are not looking for magical solutions or unrealistic answers. We are not looking for stories that don’t feature a strong sci fi element. We are not looking for stories with dark endings, up to and including the end of the Earth and/or humankind.


Times New Roman, double spaced, first line of each paragraph indented (please use Word’s formatting tool for this, not spaces or tabs). Submit in .doc or .docx format.

Reversion of Rights:

The anthology will be in print for 3 years. After that, rights will automatically revert to the authors.