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Eric wakes up in a strange new world, in a new body that's rid of the cancer that killed him.

Jozy takes a shine to this newcomer from the past, and goes to great lengths to accommodate him.

Still, Eric has questions. How did he get to this strange new city, and why was he Re-Lifed? And what happened to his old world?

This is a never-before-published short story.

Cover Artists:

The taxi from the Re-Life Clinic dropped out of the sky onto a raised landing pad. It alighted twenty feet above ground level like a giant dragonfly. The door lifted, and Eric looked out uncertainly. “The hostel?” he said.

“Down the ramp, on the left,” the taxi told him.

He clambered out, dragging his carry sack along, trying hard to ignore its ever-changing ripples of color. It epitomized the gaudy nanotech that seemed to be in everything here. He'd just completed his six week orientation and rehab at the Clinic.  It had taken four weeks just to get used to this new body they’d grown for him, using his own DNA. It still didn't feel entirely... his.


Now it was finally time to get out into the world. The long weeks of rehab had chaffed at him - he was itching to explore this strange new city, Safris - to look around and see what had changed since he had died half a millennia earlier. And though he had nothing but a few personal belongings and a credit on his account, he was young and healthy again.

The cancer that had killed him was gone.


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